Look for the BBIR seal for a DNA Certified Biewer Breeder!
You can be fully confident that The BBIR is safe and secure and is dedicated to preserving the gene pool with tight controls in the breeding plan, assuring that only the best examples of the breed are reproduced.  Limited Registrations are  available for non breeding pets as well. The importance of developing our own database for the Biewer is of the utmost importance for their future recognition and respectability of the breed in the canine world.  Accurate record keeping is vital to all breeds, especially to one as young as the Biewer Breed.  Keeping accurate and responsible records go hand in hand with responsible breeding. This will ensure that all future generations are and will be kept pure.

BBIR pedigrees will be laminated for safety and transferable to new or future owners.  The pedigrees will show 5 generations of parentage along with a picture of your dog.  This will also include detailed information such as kennel name, breeding rights, etc.  This will be detailed on the application forms.  Each breeder has a right to customize and detail that they wish.  Litter registrations will come with registration cards to the breeder who in turn will pass them to the new owners for name transfer after the sale of the puppy.  With a litter registration a breeder will also receive a litter report, along with puppy pedigrees to keep for their records. 

The BBIR, in conjunction with the BBCA, is proud to offer our DNA Certification Profiling program. As of January 1, 2008, we have contracted with MetaMorphix®, Inc. Laboratory for analysis services, (now known as Neogen/Geneseek). The resulting registration along with DNA certification will offer integrity beyond question and add value to your breeding program. DNA is a requirement for breeding dogs to acquire BBIR registration, and is recorded in the BBIR stud book. It is also required for imported breeding stock; dogs whose semen is collected for fresh-extended, chilled or frozen use; and is required prior to breeding sires and dams. BBIR has a strict confidentiality policy regarding its database and DNA profiles.

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The BBIR is working towards the advancement of purebred Biewers in North America.  In order to accomplish this, The BBIR is working in conjunction with the Biewer Breed Club of America (BBCA) www.biewerbca.com and all of its dedicated members to establish this breed in the canine world. 

Biewer Breed International Registry


It has come to our attention that there is another website that is using the acronym of BBIR, and conducting business as a registry.  We are NOT affiliated in any way, shape or form with this business, as they are registering mixed breedings.  Please be assured that there is only one ORIGINAL  Biewer Breed International Registry (BBIR). We will never waiver from the goal we set forth in 2006 of supplying safe, honest record keeping of the pure bred Biewer.  Please bookmark this original website and if you have further questions please write to us at:


Canadian Customers
BBIR is happy to register Biewers from Canada.  The DNA laboratory in Canada that we acknowledge for our Canadian customers is Health Gene, www.healthgene.com/canine-dna-testing.  We are very proud to have the Biewer Club of Canada (BCC) www.biewercanada.club as one of our foreign partners.

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Any puppy that is to be registered on an open/breeding contract must have a DNA performed prior to registration.  The BBIR will no longer be assisting with the collection of DNA samples.  Individuals will be responsible for their own testing and submitting proper paperwork showing completed DNA results, when submitting for litter applications.  Please visit the DNA Information Page of this website for more information.
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