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About the BBIR
The BBIR started in 2006 at the recommendation of reputable German breeders who advised us to start a Biewer Registry and studbook here in North America.  A monumental task at hand, we were the first Purebred Biewer Club in America to do this and have grown in numbers quite exponentially.

Only allowing purebred Biewers, we are the only Biewer Registry that does not allow mixed breed Biewers in it's Registry.  We enacted a BBIR DNA Certified Program as well. 

Please feel free to browse our pages get a feel for our programs, learn about our philosophies and if you so choose, share your Biewer Pedigrees with us so that we may enhance the Biewer Studbook for generations to come!
Look for the BBIR seal for a DNA Certified Biewer Breeder!