Biewer Registration & Forms
To send registration payments to the BBIR,
please click the Paypal button below. 
Click the below links for the application that applies to your needs.  All information and instructions can be found on the application forms.  Please note, until the BBIR receives your filled in forms, along with 4 photos and payment, we cannot begin work on your registration and it will slow up the process.
The e-mail address to send your payment to is:
@ 2006
Single Biewer Registration & Biewer Litter Registrations

Single Biewer Registration
With your BBIR registration you will receive an authentic BBIR registration paper, (laminated for security application.  Please be sure that all information is submitted correctly as any failure to do so, or any falsifying of documents, is grounds for revocation.  This Registration will be issued for either a Foreign or Domestic Biewer.

If you wish to register a single Biewer Male or Female,
please click on the link below:

Single Biewer Registration Form

BBIR Full Biewer Litter Registration
For litter registrations, as a breeder, you will be supplied with a letter of registry and individual forms for each puppy that you will supply to the new owners. The new owner then returns the registration to us for the registration of their puppy.  BBIR pedigree's will either be 4 or 5 generations, full sized and again, laminated for security purposes.  If a puppy is sold as a breeder, that puppy has to have their own DNA submitted at time of litter registration.

If you wish to register a full litter of Biewer puppies,
please click on the link below.

Full Biewer Litter Registration Form

BBIR Rates:

*  Litter Rates $40 ($30 for BBCA Members)

*  Individual New Dog Registrations from a Previous Registry $40 ($30 for BBCA Members)

*  BBIR Transfer of Ownership $30 ($25 for BBCA Members)

*  DNA testing through Neogen (per dog) $50 (this rate has not changed)

As always, thank you for your continued support of the BBIR

BBIR Transfer of Ownership Form
Any request to transfer ownership must be accompanied by this form.

BBIR Transfer of Ownership Form

BBIR Change in Status Request Form
Any request of a change from the original registration status of a puppy, (ex: pet, limited etc.) must be accompanied by a signed form by both the Owner and the Breeder, even if they are one in the same. 

BBIR Change in Status Request Form