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DNA Information
The BBIR will no longer be assisting with the collection of DNA samples.  Individuals will be responsible for their own testing and submitting proper paperwork showing completed DNA results, when submitting for litter applications.  Therefore since the BBIR will not be getting the results firsthand, copies of DNA will be needed to be submitted when registering your litter.  Also to verify parentage any puppy that is being sold on an open/breeding registration will need to have their DNA submitted.  This is so the parentage can be verified before registration.

DNA is a requirement for breeding dogs to acquire BBIR registration, and is recorded in the BBIR stud book. It is also required for imported breeding stock; dogs whose semen is collected for fresh-extended, chilled or frozen use; and is required prior to breeding sires and dams and puppies being registered on an open/breeding registration. BBIR has a strict confidentiality policy.

Each gene is present as two copies and are displayed as letters for the purpose of labeling each gene. Offspring receive one copy of each gene from each parent in a random process. DNA sequences are also inherited one copy from each parent.

This technology does not use actual genes, but tests the DNA sequences that are inherited one copy from each parent. For this reason, your dog's DNA Profile does not provide any information about the conformation of the dog or the presence/absence of genetic diseases, and cannot determine the breed of a dog

To ensure the integrity of the BBIR Registry the DNA results guarantee continuity from one generation to the next and eliminates concerns or questions about identification and parentage.

BBIR Database and Parentage Verification - Comparison of the DNA profiles of a dam, sire, and pup(s) will determine, with greater than 99% confidence, whether the pups are from the tested dam and sire. The BBIR database examines the parentage of all BBIR DNA Profiled registered dogs and litters.  When and if problems are discovered, the DNA staff works with breeders to determine correct parentage at the breeder's expense.

Contact a reputable Laboratory and request a DNA swab kit.  The two that are used most often are:

Neogen GeneSeek Operations       
4131 N. 48th St.
Lincoln, NE. 68504
(402) 435-0665 ext: 7157


DDC Veterinary

If there's a question about parentage, the testing will confirm the proper Sire and Dam.